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Submarines of the Royal Navy Uckers Board featuring the Vanguard (Nuclear powered Ballistic Missile) Class: HM Submarines Vanguard, Victorious, Vengeance & Valliant. The Nuclear powered Hunter Killer submarines: Trafalgar Class: Turbulant, Triumph, Trenchant, Trafalgar, Tireless, Torbay & Talent and Astute Class: Astute, Agamemnon, Audacious, Artful, Ambush, Agincourt & Anson. Swiftsure Class: Swiftsure, Splendid, Superb, Sovereign, Sceptre & Spartan.The Deisel Electric Hunter Killer Submarines: Upholder Class: Upholder, Unicorn, Ursula & Unseen.

Choice of either Tri-Service Novelty Dice or Traditional Spot Dice at checkout.

 Tri-Service Dice (Design lasered)  avoid cleaning with solvents and abrasive substances.

Spot Dice would be best for frequent and vigurous use. Extra Dice can be purchased in the shop.

Submarine V1 Uckers Board

  • Made to order, please allow 3 - 4 weeks for dispatch of your order. Please advise if required for a specific date and we will make every effort to deliver on time however this can not be quaranteed.